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Enterprise Transformation through RoboticDataScience

Big data technologies and data science can be synthesized to ease enterprise challenges and offset the difficulties faced by organizations. The Data Team’s pioneering approach to addressing these challenges of enterprise transformation is known as RoboticDataScience. A methodology for automation of (many tasks of) data science applied to a domain that enables optimal actions to be taken with minimal to no human interference.

Our White Papers:

1. The Data Science Process & Challenges

The data science process is an iterative process beset by numerous challenges for businesses. Challenges include shortage of critical skillsets, layering teams into silos, hand-o processes that delay speed of iterations, a consequent focus on technology instead of the business, and delayed, sub-optimal decision making on the whole.

2. Accelerating Enterprise Transformation with our pioneering methodology – RoboticDataScience

This whitepaper is about The Data Team’s enterprise transformation methodology, RoboticDataScience, which will be showcased at the Gartner 2017 India Data and Analytics Summit. The paper will discuss some of the challenges faced by data science teams in organizations, the process of enterprise transformationand the RoboticDataScience methodology’s rudiments.

3. Enterprise Transformation Through RoboticDataScience

This is the nal whitepaer about The Data Team’s enterprise transformation methodology, RoboticDataScience. In this paper, we will be discussing the RoboticDataScience methodology in more detail and how it di erentiates from extant data science automation approaches, and the context of domain modeling in RoboticDataScience. We will also be discussing the methodology from the perspective of enterprise transformation, and the unique value additions that it brings.

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