Understand transactions, visualize customer journeys and gather insights to create seamless customer experiences.

Cadence: A Robotic Data Scientist for Marketing

Cadence is a Robotic Data Scientist designed for enterprises to provide relevant and timely offerings to their customers. It assists marketers in analyzing and interpreting data, in order to provide personalized recommendations based on each customer’s personality. Powered by Machine Learning and incorporating information from across applications and systems, Cadence understands transactions, visualizes customer journeys and gathers insights to create seamless customer experiences.

Why choose Cadence?

Cadence is deployable across verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, and so on. Customers can enjoy host of advantages that Cadence provides. Few of them include:

  • One-to- one targeting and marketing for cross selling and up-selling
  • Gain holistic view of customers socio-economic, behavioral
  • Domain aware , Contextual and personalized decisions powered by ontologies
  • Audience discovery in real-time and rolling out relevant offers instantaneously
  • Scalable to complete customer base, powered by big data stack
  • Easy integration to existing channels and campaign management systems

How we made a Difference?

Cadence captures information hierarchies to access facts and enriches customer profile views to create conducive decision making ontology. A few ways in which we have enhanced customer experiences

Behavioural Profiling

Banks need to take a good look at their customers, examine what customers want at that particular time, and analyse their products and services to serve better value to the customers and create a differentiator from its competitors. Cadence helps in increased conversion and creating personalized offerings for a better ROI.

Share of Wallet

Digitization has both powered and disrupted the telecommunications market simultaneously. Customer-centric metrics like share of wallet help assess service stickiness in this new world. Cadence leverages large scale data and connects the physical and digital context to ensure relevant offerings are available to customers.

Measuring Subscriber Experience

In both emerging and developed markets, competition from fellow service providers is known to be heavy, driving down margins. Innovative offerings like Google Fi and e-SIMs provide new forms of competition that are exciting to the subscriber but potentially alarming for the telecommunications providers. With Cadence you can assess dynamic customer behaviour and provide relevant offerings that prevent customer churn.

If you would like to optimize customer lifecycle and learn how an activity in one channel impacts performance in another in your enterprise, then learn how Cadence can assist you in transforming your organization.